General Questions
I can't remember the answer to my secret question. What should I do?
If you have forgotten your password AND the answer to your secret question there is no other way for us to confirm your identity or determine your access rights to a particular membership. To continue using the service, join again using a different Member ID, ensuring that you choose a memorable password and secret question to save future difficulties.

What happens if I don't receive the membership activation email or I misplace it?
You can request a new activation email by opening the Join tab and entering your email address in the "Need new activation code" panel.

What if I forget my password or Member ID?
If you created a hungryhouse account and cannot recall your Password or Member ID, you can request a reminder of these by clicking on the links in the Sign in page. It is possible to order without signing up, and also to sign in using Facebook.
Questions concerning vouchers
How do I use the gift voucher to pay for my order?
After you have redeemed a gift voucher, it will be added to your account balance. Select account balance during checkout to use the gift voucher for your order. Any order placed with hungryhouse can use a gift voucher as payment.

Is a gift voucher refundable?
No. Once purchased, a gift voucher must be redeemed and used within one year.

Why do I need to join hungryhouse to use a gift voucher?
Gift vouchers can only be redeemed one time, and are processed as a credit on a member account. Even if the entire balance is used on your first order, we have to process the voucher against a hungryhouse member account in order for it to be used. If you require a full or partial refund, it will be credited back to this account balance for future use.
Questions concerning orders
How do I know the restaurant received my order?
You will receive an email with the subject "Order accepted", notifying you when the restaurant has received and accepted your order. If you chose collection, then you should wait until you receive this email before making plans to collect your food. If we were unable to contact the restaurant, or the restaurant is unable to accept your order for any reason, your order will be cancelled and you will be notified of this via email. 99.2% of orders are accepted without any problems, however.

Can I change my order after it has been submitted?
If you are ordering as a member, you can do this using the following process: Cancel your order Load the order in your Order History Make the desired changes and submit Unfortunately if you’re ordering as a guest, you won’t be able to re-use the order – you need to cancel the order using the link in your “Order Pending” email, then start from scratch. Once your order has been sent to the restaurant, you can no longer cancel it through your email. You will need to call the restaurant on the number provided in your “Order accepted” email, or Contact us. If you just want to add to your existing order, the easiest way is simply to submit another order, and mention in the "Special requests" field of the online order form that you would like these items included with your previous order when it's delivered.

How do I change my address or contact details?
To change your email address, you need to log in to your member account, then click on the "My Profile" tab to the top right of your screen. Next, click on "My Locations" in the dark grey band underneath the tabs. Then just click on your primary location, and you will have the option to edit all your information, including your email address.
Questions concerning our app
How do I change an item in my basket?
Tap on the Checkout tab bar icon at the bottom of the screen to view your Basket. Then tap on the item you wish to edit, and make your changes. Note that your changes are automatically saved when you navigate back to the Basket page. To remove an item, open the Basket page and swipe to the right across the item with one finger. Then tap on Delete. To clear your entire Basket, simply shake the iPhone. Your Basket is also emptied when you begin ordering from a different restaurant.

Can I pay online?
Yes, all the payment methods available on our website are also available in the app. To pay online, simply tap Card on the Payment page. Then enter your card details and tap Pay Into Account. When done, you will be returned to the Payment page where you can select Account Balance as the method of payment. Note that any unused money in your Account Balance is automatically refunded at the close of business each day. Please allow 3 working days for this money to appear in your bank account. If you have previously saved your card details into your hungryhouse member profile, you can also select a saved card from the top of the list of card types (thereby removing the need to type your card details each time).

Why should I use the iPhone app?
Our iPhone app has been designed from the ground up to make better use of the smaller screen on your mobile device. Being a native app, it also launches faster than navigating to our website. And once you've opened each menu, you interact with it locally - meaning it's faster to browse and prepare your order.
Restaurant FAQs
Is it possible to find a particular dish or menu item?
Enter the name of the dish in the Optional search text textbox and press the Go button. Restaurants that serve this dish will then appear with the list of dishes that match at the bottom of each search result.

How do I search for a specific restaurant?
Enter the restaurant's name, address, postcode or phone number in the Optional search text textbox or in the search box in the top right corner of every page.

How do I find restaurants by cuisine?
On Find a restaurant, choose a cuisine from the Pick a cuisine dropdown listbox and press the Go button.

I am the new owner of a takeaway which is already a partner of hungryhouse, what should I do?
There are 3 easy steps to continue your partnership with us:
  1. Call us on 0800 612 3333 to confirm whether the previous owner already informed us of the change of ownership.
  2. Claim to be the rightful owner by providing either/or:
    a) Sublease agreement + Scan of ID + Mobile Number + Email Address.
    b) Change of Ownership form filled and signed from the previous owner.
  3. Receive orders with us using either/or:
    a) The existing hungryhouse account
    b) A new hungryhouse account (up-to-date hygiene rating from FSA is required)

As a restaurant owner how do I change my menu on the website?
There are 3 easy steps to update your menu on the website:
  1. Fill in the interactive PDF found here and save it
  2. Attach your high quality flyer PDF or images AND interactive PDF to the ‘email us’ field below
  3. Send the email
NB: if your flyer is not up to standard quality this will delay the update therefore please make sure you send a high quality PDF or image

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